Since 2017, Oracle Sisters have been writing, recording, and performing “music to make love to” (according to one Dorion Fiszel, name checked in their Spotify bio). Made up of band members hailing from several European countries; this broad range of influence and experience finds itself reflected in the eclectic sound of their music, and new single – The Dandelion – is no exception. In the nicest possible way: it’s kind of like Flight of the Conchords’ Foux du Fafa if it had fallen through a crack in time, bounced off of Chet Baker’s head, rolled through a discotheque, before coming to a halt somewhere in the tracklist of Pink Floyd’s Obscured By Clouds.

The whole thing is built on a loungey, laid-back groove, which affords a lot of space for the tasteful 70s guitar licks, jazzy chords, and some piano work that sounds heavily-indebted to Richard Wright’s hugely-underrated, sensitive, intelligent playing – specifically on More, Zabriskie Point, and the aforementioned Obscured By Clouds. It’s difficult not to draw comparisons with those great, early-to-mid-period Floyd records – especially when the sleeve directly references that of Dark Side of the Moon. The somewhat wistful, lilting vocals also call to mind the same period.

Overall, it’s a cool, fun track – if perhaps a little on the slight side. It’s good… but I’m not sure there feels like enough substance bubbling away underneath the surface – though admittedly the surface does sound pretty great. Not that it really matters what I think though; with over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and track plays in the millions, Oracle Sisters are clearly doing a lot of things right. Anyway, don’t take my word for it; check it out and make up your own mind!

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