Organised Scum’s new single “Fotograph” is worth getting to know

Organised Scum returns to our ears with “Fotograph”, the latest single to come from their upcoming Compliance EP. We actually premiered their track “Consultants of Swing” and are pleased to see they’re still hiding beneath the radar of the media but unfortunately, we’ve no choice but to shine on light on them.  

Speaking on the new single, the trio describe “Fotograph” as “the unending documentation of our own lives. The self-surveillance that we all take part in. It’s also about the pure saturation of image in the world today.” They’re not wrong.  Everything we do in life has been filtered down to judging its image these days. This might warrant a tin-foil hat to be worn, but Organised Scum chose to don their best angular guitars instead.

With an instrumental that looms against the walls, “Fotograph” is a track that doesn’t wish to familiarise itself too quickly. Palm muted guitars act as a disguise to the sauntered bassline, keeping it hidden until it’s too late. The chorus bops in the subtlest of ways, when you least expect it. It’s caught up with you, it’s in your hips, and IT’S TIME TO DANCE. It takes some time to understand it, firmly defying the culture of swiping left or right. This isn’t a stunner nor a munter it’s everything in-between. It’s human. It’s good.  

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