Oscar Jerome’s smooth new single “Misty Head / Sunny Street”

Oscar Jerome is no slouch when it comes to productivity. 2018 was his biggest year yet as he sold out a boatload of shows, dropped his last EP Where Are Your Branches? and built up his reputation as a smooth motherfather on both sides of the Atlantic.

“Misty Head / Sunny Street” is his first offering of new music in 2019 and much like Sam Setton’s “Gum” it could easily contend as being one of the sexiest songs of the year. We genuinely cannot handle this much heat in these cold winter months. Smooth synthesisers fill the room against subtle thrusts of bassline to create an intro that immediately calls for a lie down, before Oscar’s vocals croon over the layers to drop all manner of hooks that draw you in even more.

The new single is a banger. It’s blend of Hip Hop / RnB and Jazz produces an instrumental that dabbles in all sorts of percussion and guitars that sound so fluid in execution, and Oscar leads the way in a way that really makes it a hit.

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