Oscar Loya returns with his new single “Change Your Tune”. Sometimes in life we have the tendency to moan, a lot. Whether we’re dealing with tough times or even experience something that passes in a fleeting moment, we get stuck within a rut of negativity that’s hard to get out of. With this new single, however, Oscar looks to make us realise and change for the better.

“I wrote this song because I really got mentally exhausted in hearing them sing the same old song. Life is too short and we have to change our perspective on things and change our tune.” says Oscar. With strutting basslines, vibrant synths and hooks upon hooks upon hooks, “Change Your Tune” is an uplifting listen that makes it extremely easy to do exactly that. Good vibes, only, please.

Check out “Change Your Tune” below and connect with Oscar Loya on Facebook and Instagram.

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