Good Sounds Playlist | 12.02.2018

Happy Monday morning everybody! It’s time for another Good Sounds Playlist, which this week appears to be the sexiest playlist yet. Hot damn – the amount of cold showers that’ll be needed after listening to this will increase tenfold. I do apologise, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of naughtiness to spice up your… Continue reading Good Sounds Playlist | 12.02.2018

Single Review

Little Brother Eli – ‘Tooth’ | Single Review

Little Brother Eli is a fourpiece from Oxford and this is their new single ‘Tooth’. They’ve said that with this new release comes a little delve into a new direction as they experiment with disco rhythms and electronic sounds, something that appeals to me greatly. Disco is a former guilty pleasure of mine, until a… Continue reading Little Brother Eli – ‘Tooth’ | Single Review

Single Review

Arms Akimbo – ‘None Of My Business’ | Single Review

Akimbo’s a great word you know. Anything akimbo is bound to involve a great time: legs, cheese, pizza. Arms Akimbo are set to deliver a hug of an EP very soon and this new single ‘None Of My Business’ is the third taste of what to expect from it. Come on down, gather round, have… Continue reading Arms Akimbo – ‘None Of My Business’ | Single Review

Single Review

Fann & Dave Audé – ‘Shiny Things’ | Single Review

Sometimes we need to be told to lighten up a little bit. It’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane parts of life that we allow it to manifest and irk our little souls. Working in an office means this happens to me all the time, and then I listen to songs such… Continue reading Fann & Dave Audé – ‘Shiny Things’ | Single Review


Young Galaxy | An Interview With

It’s interview time! This time we’ve had a little chat with Young Galaxy, a band who at the time of the interview just released their single ‘Elusive Dream’ which we enjoyed very much. They’ve released a new single in ‘Under My Wing’ and will be releasing a new album Down Time on April 6th! I’d… Continue reading Young Galaxy | An Interview With

Liner Notes

Another Sweet Dose of Love | Liner Notes – February 18

Well hello there! It’s time for another Liner Notes blog post, where we take a break from all things blog and have a little chat. How’s it going? How are you enjoying 2018 so far? Whaaaat!? You’ve stuck to your resolutions?! Oh my god, you look great, and I love that new nose. It feels… Continue reading Another Sweet Dose of Love | Liner Notes – February 18