Arcade Fire – Everything Now | Album Review

Arcade Fire has returned with new album Everything Now. Since erupting into the mainstream with 2010’s seminal hit The Suburbs, the Canadian collective have tried to embrace a new sound that offered a little less realistic sadness and more disco-tinged nights instead. Their first effort – 2013’s Reflektor ­– delivered a catchy but bloated listen, like how’d you feel heading for the dancefloor after polishing off a curry. However, with Everything Now it seems Arcade Fire have trimmed down a little and avoided the curry, heading straight into the disco ball instead.

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The Harringtons – Change is Gonna Come | Release of the Week

Change is Gonna Come is the debut EP from Sheffield’s The Harringtons. Having formed in 2014 at just the tender age of sixteen, this trio are set to join the ranks of the north’s greatest with a collection of tracks determined to make you enjoy the finer things in life. ‘Everybody Knows’ kicks off the EP with a sound that bounces around the eardrums with upbeat guitar riffs and sing-a-long harmonies that anyone could join in to. See what I mean? It’s hard not to kick off the EP with a smile on your face.

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Queens of the Stone Age – The Evil Has Landed | Song of the Week

Oh goodness me. Last week I arrived home from work to the greatest of news from Reddit – QOTSA’s upcoming new album, Villains, has leaked. This was arguably the Wedding Day of news for me, as QOTSA have been my favourite band since 2007. My love for them hit a new level in 2013 as personal demons collided with Josh Homme’s demons on …Like Clockwork and formed a special connection that helped me recover and come out with a QOTSA-branded left forearm. Right now comes the release of “The Evil Has Landed”, the second single from the upcoming Villains and a solid reminder to not check out the leaked version of the album.

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The New Rags – Your Room | Single Review

The New Rags’ ‘Your Room’ is just one of the remastered songs appearing on the career-spanning compilation from Silent Stereo Records. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to a new crowd, as this track is naturally equipped with a spring in it’s step. From it’s dazzling array of sprightly synths, bouncy guitar riffs and snappy drums, ‘Your Room’ is a track determined to infect your mind and shake your bones.

Organised Scum – Consultants of Swing | PREMIERE

With a very cool, scrappy sound, ‘Consultants of Swing’ exceeds at noodling it’s way to the hips thanks to an ongoing barrage of beaten up guitars, sloppy drums and funky basslines. Organised Scum pack the airwaves with all sorts of noises to battle over the spotlight, yet create an instrumental that’s catchy upon collision. It’s strangely jazzy, catchy and startling all at once, and I love it.