Sexghost – Sexghost//Sexhoax | EP Review

Sometimes music can be all about raw, animalistic naughtiness. There’s something about a song or record that’s so steeped in lustful ambience that it gets a hold and never lets go – whether it be through a silky bassline, a sketchy guitar riff or lyrics that outright detail a sordid affair, music can be sexy. So imagine my surprise when a band named Sexghost submits their new EP Sexghost//Sexhoax, ooh boy…

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Atlum Schema – The Arrow of Time | EP Review

Atlum Schema is the moniker of singer-songwriter Andy Mort and this is his latest EP The Arrow of Time. Often influenced by Andy’s current life decisions, the music of Atlum Schema brings a lot of personality and emotion to it, and The Arrow of Time is no exception. Andy recently landed a job as a part time undertaker back in 2015, and it’s clear that such a profession has contributed to the overall sound of this new EP to great effect.

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Carl North & The Lonely Hearts – “Off Guard” | Song of the Week

Hot damn, HOTTTT DAMNNN am I excited to talk about this track today. “Off Guard” is the new single from Carl North & The Lonely Hearts and boy does it catch you off guard. The five piece from Manchester are set to release an official debut single (“Worst of You”) soon and have offered “Off Guard” as a taste of what to expect. So if you’re in the mood for a bowl of hip swinging, bone shaking rock n roll then…let’s have seconds.

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