Some say variety is the spice of life. Sometimes choosing the scariest option is the best option, sometimes trying that new restaurant is worth the risk, and sometimes it’s worth trying wet wipes over regular toilet paper. The only way to experience new things is if you try new things. Pale Grey seems to use this mantra for their music, as they announce new album Waves alongside a new single called ‘Blizzard’. Having heard a couple tracks off the record already, this looks to be their most varied record yet.

‘Blizzard’ is a track that lays down a solid Pop foundation with a rolling drum beat and synths that seemingly swirl into the atmosphere, before Pale Grey throw some little flourishes on it that convert it from a solid Pop hit into a hot dose of anthemic glory. The vocals float between almost spoken-word to high soaring falsetto, taking inspiration from the instrumental which seems to have ambition that reaches the stars. It makes for some very impactful listening, and also makes me very excited to check out Waves. What a good tune.

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