Park Hotel – ‘The Hand’ / New Single

With the release of the widely accessible Nothing to Lose EP last year, London/Barcelona duo Park Hotel return with their new single ‘The Hand’. It’s a song that’s determined to get those disco pants out of the closet, and have you dancing like it’s nobody’s business. It is fantastic, and I’m going to make it become everybody’s business. For real, get those disco flares on.

The intro’s subtle groove hits the hips as ‘The Hand’ slides into action, detailed wonderfully by the confusion that comes out of the lyrics. Think of it like an episode of What’s New Scooby Doo? In which the villain is revealed to be DANCE. The gang all step back in shock and say “whoah, you’re not a villain at all! You are bringing us the gift of dance and that is actually quite nice of you to do.” To which DANCE replies “Indeed! I would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!” and then the episode ends with everybody laughing and grooving like there’s no tomorrow.

‘The Hand’ absolutely deserves to be responsible for creating the most wholesome twist in Scooby Doo history. It is a tremendous listen that brings excellent basslines, grooves and harmonies to the forefront and gives you no option but to love it. It is seriously catchy. I love it so much. Now, where are my disco pants!?

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