‘When The Sea Became The City’ is the new single from singer-songwriter Paulina Sjoberg. It’s a song dedicated to the events of Hurricane Harvey, an awful natural disaster that became a focal point of 2017. Rather than dwell too much on the dark side of the event, Paulina shines some light on the aftermath instead, which saw people from all sorts of lives and cultures and whatnot come together to simply help their fellow Human being. It certainly helped ease the tragedy by seeing everybody come together in a time often focused on the bad side of life.

It’s a beautiful song that showcases Paulina’s incredible voice and a wonderful instrumental too. An acoustic-led intro allows some weeping strings to come into the mix and build up the emotion behind the track, while the lyrics add a nice uplifting element to it too. ‘When The Sea Became The City’ is a wonderful song, and one that definitely helps highlight the way humanity always comes together when tragedy strikes.

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