Pave The Jungle have become a bit of an obsession for me after hearing ‘Ants’ back in June. I really liked how disjointed and chaotic they sounded and it left me excited to dive into their promising catalogue. With debut EP The Hissing out in October, the Newcastle quartet return with another single in ‘Habitual Thinker’.

Written about witnessing a loved one struggling with certain habits around drugs and alcohol, ‘Habitual Thinker’ does a fantastic job at illustrating that battle. Despite knowing the downsides towards engaging in a particular habit, the upsides have become so ingrained that it almost becomes instinct to do it anyway. This is displayed by the instrumental, which contends with itself in the intro before heading down a route of big, distorted guitars and bright melodies. The vocals of Rachael Whittle project lyrics that go against this upbeat sound, detailing darkness as they discuss the vulnerability and negativity of habitual thinking.

‘Habitual Thinker’ is a great song, one that fights with itself and delivers some catchy riffs in spite of itself, while also bringing more of the thunderous energy Pave The Jungle have come to be known for. It is also another reason why I’m excited for The Hissing.

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