People Club are a Berlin-based band and this is their debut EP Kil Scott. September saw my ears dazzled with the release of their opening effort “Perfume” and I became very excited to hear more. This desire has been suitably satisfied by this new EP, which looks to tackle toxic masculinity with the death of it’s fictional character, Scott. We don’t need toxic masculinity and, most importantly, we don’t need Scott. Fuck you, Scott.

What made my ears enjoy “Perfume” so much was its blend of genres. Deep-rooted guitars produced rhythms that sunk into the hips, bringing an invitation for further sounds to be explored. The drums backed by slick basslines produced an atmosphere that filled the room with smoke, and was complimented wonderfully by the equally hazy vocals. It’s a sound that’s effortlessly catchy and isn’t afraid to move at its own pace. Me likey very much.

Fortunately this formula is used throughout Kil Scott. Newest single “Who I Call My Baby” discusses heavy topics such as religion and it’s archaic values against the modern freedom of sexuality and love, but comes with instrumentation that grooves like a mean mothafuckah. Stomping basslines, snappy drums, scrappy guitars and smooth, soulful vocals. In other words, bliss. The title track and “Playaz” also deliver with their instrumentals, making Kil Scott one of the most enjoyable EPs I’ve heard this year.

Kil Scott is a fantastic EP from People Club and a definite contender for EP of the year. Despite being a debut effort, it’s an EP that clearly defines the band’s sound and their ability to explore different avenues is rewarded with some seriously good noise throughout.

Listen to Kil Scott below and connect with People Club on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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