Pet Fangs return with their new single ‘Bitch, Baby.’ Grammar included. These guys burst onto the scene last year with their absolute stonker of a debut single ‘Gold Coast Dreaming’, and have continued to impress with a steady stream of solid singles since, with this new one beginning to take off massively. Nice work lads.

Much like their first offering, ‘Bitch, Baby.’ is a track that’s given time to develop it’s sound, providing the listener with something that grows in a way that seems totally natural. Pulsating synths combine with subtle drums and guitars to immediately get things underway, before blooming into verses that are moody but steeped in groove. Pet Fangs throw all sorts of harmony into the mix, and produce one of the catchiest choruses around with what appears to be minimal effort.

Everything just sounds so correctly made, and the sound blossoms by having the time to grow naturally. ‘Bitch, Baby.’ is a seamlessly catchy tune, and is possibly Pet Fangs best single yet.

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