Time to soar the skies with Petite Meller’s new single ¦ “Aeroplane”

Petite Meller returns to our ears with new single “Aeroplane”. Having dazzled our minds back in 2016 with the superb Lil Empire, Miss Meller seemed to disappear for a little while. However, it turned out that she was just flying the skies and having a good ol’ time, which is fair enough, really.

“Aeroplane” throws all sort of wind into caution’s face. Flooding the airwaves with a percussive section straight out of North Africa, bringing tribal sounds to the forefront to create one of the most upfront intros heard in a while. Petite Meller’s blend of “social pop” revels in this rapid pace, delivering a chorus that’s frantic but delightfully catchy on the ears. The tropical sounds bring a sunny atmosphere to the track, allowing it to soar and fly as high as it pleases. It’s chaotic, catchy and brilliant. So glad Petite Meller is back.  

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