Porridge Radio / New Single – “Sweet”

Porridge Radio are a band from Brighton and this is their new single “Sweet”. With their debut album Every Bad set for release next month, this second taste – alongside previous single “Lilac” – has got me rather excited to hear it. Funnily enough, I had porridge for breakfast. Put a little too much milk in it though, but it still tasted nice.

With running cascades of moody guitars, “Sweet” is a song that immediately wraps you up into its world. Detailing thoughts of holding on to grudges and learning to let go of them, the song does a fantastic job of taking you on an anthemic journey throughout. The slight drawl of the vocals against the repeated verse of “You won’t like me when you meet me” adds a touch of paranoia to the mix, which extends the tension behind the song. And it’s that tension that really makes this and “Lilac” stand out.

It showcases Porridge Radio’s ability to produce a mood that’s well maintained in both songs. The performance behind the vocals as they eventually fall into a more crazed delivery adds a theatrical touch, which the band emphasise with an equal descent into darkness with flurries of riffs and drums. “Sweet” is a song that traps you in its mind, and still makes me wonder how good it’d be to be trapped by the entirety of Really Bad when it’s out.

Listen to “Sweet” below, and check out Porridge Radio on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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