Post-Punk band Pozi are set to release debut album PZ1 on Friday and they’ve gifted one final appetiser in the form of “Engaged”. ““Engaged” is a love song about a mobile phone. As much as I wish it didn’t, my phone has a strong hold on me and severely impacts my ability to connect with reality. “says frontman Tony Burroughs. Finally, a love song we can all relate to.

A snappy instrumental is quickly embedded into the mind as drums fill out the space with a beefy bassline, before Rosa Brook’s violin chimes in with sounds that meander amongst the layers. Burroughs’ vocals croon out obsessive lyrics of always being drawn to the phone, and deliver them in a way that could contend with even the grooviest of Gang of Four songs.

Much like IDLES, Pozi are bringing some modern topics into an old school genre and the result is a track that ticks all the immediate boxes but comes with a depth that absolutely needs to be explored. “Engaged” is a great song that highlights how disengaged we are as a society despite being connected like never before. Cannot wait to hear PZ1 now.

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