It’s 2019! Hello 2019, how’s it going? Have you made any New Year’s resolutions and more importantly, stuck to them? Almost certain to say we haven’t, but the effort was there for a bit. Anyway, what better way to kick off a new beginning than with our first premiere of the year?

Charley James has bestowed the honour upon us with the release of the music video for “Baby We’re Optimists, Remember?”, the title track of his debut EP that dropped in August last year. It’s one continuous shot of his other half dancing gracefully amongst a desolate landscape, making us admire her passion to dance as well as envious of her sweet shapes.

The song floats with an instrumental made up of synthesisers and percussion that seem to blip their way into the atmosphere. There’s an echoed quality to the electronic glitches that cut through the layers and add needed texture to the track, and Charley’s vocals meander past to deliver further melodies and hooks. It’s a beautifully sombre listen, and the music video also helps drive that point home too.

Charley James on Twitter, Instagram.


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