Hi everyone! Welcome to another addition to the Liner Notes series! It is the month of May which means we’re nearly halfway through the year already, which is absolutely crazy. It’s also the final month in which I can say I’m in my early twenties before blossoming into a TWENTY-FIVE YEAR OLD next month. I don’t want it. Nope. Don’t want it at all.

Anyway, this post wasn’t meant to spiral into existential dread but rather focus on one of the main parts of Sounds Good: positivity. I’m a firm believer in using whatever size platform you have as a tool to be happy and promote positivity to whoever’s listening, and believe that in a world full of media and conversation that’s driven by negativity, the best thing anyone can do is create something that’s free from all that shit.

The past month has been great me personally, as I finally passed the exam that’s become a bit of a regular character in these Liner Notes posts over the past year, and the blog has reached various milestones on social media as well as getting listed on The Hype Machine. While that’s all excellent and great to see, has it changed my life or the blog at all? Not really.

The realisation of “not really” has made me believe that true happiness comes from learning to be content with what you’ve got already. We live in a world where we’re led to believe that we should never settle for anything, and should always be working our way towards the next step. Well, if we’re never meant to be happy with anything, how fucking long is this staircase of steps gonna be? If we’re told to never be satisfied, then we’re always going to be climbing steps until we tip over the edge and die. That sucks.

I think sometimes it’s good to take a second to look over everything that has been achieved in life and simply appreciate it. One thing I usually fall victim to is whinge about an overflowing inbox when checking out stuff to review, and fair enough I have the right to moan sometimes, but at the end of the day, PEOPLE ARE SENDING ME THEIR MUSIC FOR FREE, WHICH IS AWESOME. That’s exactly why I started music blogging in the first place. It’s so easy with anything in life to get caught up in the negativity of it all that we begin to lose focus in the reasons why we love it.

We need to enjoy what we’ve got now rather than constantly kill ourselves running towards that next step. That next step might suck anyway – it might be like those services on motorways that only have a Welcome Break rather than a KFC or something. Those services suck.

Right, that’s the end of this month’s Liner Notes! I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has supported Sounds Good enough for it to get a listing on The Hype Machine. It seems we’re getting somewhere for this little blog, and I couldn’t have done it without all the love, conversation and positivity that has come from all of you over the last almost-two years. Thank you. Much Love! – Adam, xo.

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