Pronoun recovers strongly with new single | “Temporary Tantrum”

Pronoun is the project of Alyse Vellturo and this is her new single “Temporary Tantrum”. With her debut album I’ll Show You Stronger out on May 24th, Alyse will be looking to build momentum along the way, and what better way to do it than with this shimmering little banger of a tune.

“temporary tantrum was written about that moment in the relationship when you realize you’ve been played. although in that moment it’s heart breaking and you feel like the biggest idiot, you know that eventually you will come out on the other end and use that experience to grow.” explains Alyse. Huge, MGMT-level synthesisers kick off an instrumental that builds huge walls of blissful noise to swallow up the vocals in a way that shields them, allowing them to express their anguish whilst surrounded in this wonderful bundle of happiness. With melodies and drums soaring, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in “Temporary Tantrum” and its sheer anthemic sound.

With the theme of recovery a strong component of the new record, “Temporary Tantrum” provides a great insight into how vital it’ll be for a lot of people. Pronoun has produced something that throws a middle finger to bad vibes and turns it into a way that shows humanity, and it’s a blast to hear.

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