Pure Intruders return with new single ‘Water Balloon’. This is the trio’s third single, ensuring their debut year is one full of productivity. I am jealous. With a knack for blending 70s Disco and Indie-Pop, it might be worth keeping an ear or two on this emerging act.

As to be expected with the above-mentioned two genres, ‘Water Balloon’ is an immediate hit. It is extremely catchy. The intro breezes with a wave of cool synthesisers, that flood the speakers with a melody that hits just right. They’re backed by a tropical percussion that transports you abroad. With the subtle addition of Disco amongst the bassline and the breathiness of the vocals, Pure Intruders are really providing an idyllic listen here.

‘Water Balloon’ is a fantastic song. It utilises the tried and tested tropes of Disco and pairs them with the freshness of modern Indie-Pop. The result is a timeless sound, one that I’ll spend a lot of time enjoying.

Pure Intruders / Instagram

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