It’s very easy to use sad experiences as a way to create music, but there’s often not a lot of music going round that details the joy of life. I’ve dabbled in making music over the years, and a lot of the songs I write about usually revolve around the struggle of not always having a pizza nearby, and how much I want to have a doggo. Rob Drabkin has done the opposite with his new single ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’ and well, it makes me feel like I have all the pizza and doggos in the world.

‘It’s a Beautiful Day’ is a wonderfully uplifting listen with sweet acoustic melodies and big booming vocals that seem to scream positivity right into your face. It’s hellbent on giving you a cuddle, and it’s hard to say no. Rob Drabkin immediately becomes your new best mate, and I really wish to give him a cuddle. What a lovely song.

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