Rosie Shaw – ‘Temporary Love’ / New Single

Rosie Shaw caused quite a splash as she burst onto the scene last year. Debut single ‘Trust Issues’ quickly showcased her talents in songwriting and exposed us to an incredible voice that continues to astound. With her debut EP set to be released later this year, Rosie continues to amaze with new single ‘Temporary Love’.

‘Temporary Love’ details the unpredictability of young love, meaning it comes prepared to hit you in the feelings. The instrumental is a guitar-led sound that fills the ears with fuzz, and drums that cut through with a rhythm that hits the hips just right. Angelic melodies collide gently against the distortion to really sound like a dream, and it’s capped off by Rosie’s wondrous vocals. Lyrics containing details of Rosie’s relationships provide an insight into the inspiration behind the song, making it sound even more relatable.

Repeated listens made me remember certain moments of past relationships that’ve since become pivotal moments in how I do relationships nowadays. I’m not usually one to reminisce, but the song hits me in a way that brings these moments to the forefront. ‘Temporary Love’ is a fantastic song from Rosie Shaw.

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