‘Experiment In Love’ is the new single from Brooklyn’s Rue Snider. Rue’s been around for a little while and has built up a solid discography and fanbase over the years,  and looks set to release a follow up to his 2016 album Broken Window which is rather exciting. But first, let’s talk about the new single – I think experimenting is a vital part of love. Whether that’s exploring new adventures with a loved one, or even hooking up with someone who’s not your usual type, love has an ability to really refresh things in life, but can cause chaos too. There was one particular time I experimented with gravel and a cucumber and well, the relationship did not last very long after that.

Rue’s second single from his upcoming album is a wondrously dreamy tune with vast acoustic guitars and a hint of nostalgic melodies that sound straight from the 60’s. ‘Experiment In Love’ is full of harmonies and a wonderful male/female dynamic against lyrics of not having one’s back which adds a nice contrast to the overall theme of the song. It’s would not sound out of place lined up against a Father John Misty record or something. It’s great.

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