Ruiners have built up quite the reputation for themselves since their Wasted Years EP in 2016. The quartet from the US are known for being one of the best high energy bands in recent times, and their new single ‘Outside’ pretty much certifies that nicely. This is a cut from their upcoming album Typecast, which is set for release on September 4th via Geodesic Records.

As to be expected, ‘Outside’ is a song that boasts an always frantic tempo boosted by frantic basslines and drums that seem to cascade well into the night. The guitars seem to keep up with the pace by either screaming loudly or palm muting themselves into oblivion, really building upon all of these textures to really keep things exciting throughout.

‘Outside’ is one hell of a listen from start to finish, and I love that it has a sense of crumbling completely which really appeals to my similarly implosive mind. Nice one.

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