Sad Boys Club tackles body image issues with new single ¦ “Mirror & Me”

“Mirror & Me” is the new single from Sad Boys Club, who are currently enjoying quite a productive year. Since the release of the excellent Yeah People Talk But You’ve Forgotten How To Live last year, the London act are deep within festival season and will continue to headline shows throughout the country. Productive boys, indeed.

This new single details body image issues from frontman Jacob Wheldon, highlighting a topic that isn’t discussed too often in our modern times. While the beginnings of male-focused body and personality issues are forming, it’s pleasing to see more support shown for these particular topics. “Mirror & Me” displays these issues with a chaotic display of guitar-based noise that ranges from withdrawn acts of subtlety to full blown eruptions of anguished performance. The self-deprecated lyricism cuts through the sound with its dark humour, and the result is a track that’s not afraid to let loose and show its emotions.

Sad Boys Club have got themselves a superb song in “Mirror & Me”. The song does a great job at highlighting the often changing moods that come with body image issues, and performs in a way that allows the track to be catchy and hard hitting too.

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