Saeyers is the project of Marshall Lewis and already he’s experienced quite a rise in fame in such a short space of time. Debut single “Cruise” sailed its way onto Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, and alongside follow up “On Fire” accrued 75,000 streams and appearances on a further 999 playlists too. Not bad.

With that said, we’re very pleased to premiere “You”, Saeyers’ third single and Marshall’s favourite. Ours too. With its laid back vibes and easy going tempo, this is certainly a song designed to brighten your year. Marshall’s soulful croons ease smooth, lustful lyricism into the ears against an instrumental built upon a looping synth and guitars drenched in reverb. It’s atmosphere steeped in a burning desire to move, illuminated by the dissipating crash of the cymbals. The result is a song that could be played endlessly and still tempts you on to the dancefloor. It’s catchy, it’s effortlessly cooler than anything we could be and very much on trend to keep raising Saeyers’ profile as one to watch.


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