Bristol trio Sapphire Blues are back with their new single “Good Morning Britain”. This song is inspired by the “not-so United Kingdom” and explores how divided we’ve become as a country because of a certain B word. No, I’m not talking about Bagels although I did once work with someone who pronounced them “Bye-gels”.

The band gets their point across successfully as they note that switching on the news is like watching a horror film, though I’ve never seen a film as haunting as anything with Piers Morgan on it. They deliver a sound that’s full of balls, as scrapping guitars lash out thunderous riffs and noises throughout, on top of a rhythm section that snaps hard but isn’t afraid to groove a little. Bold vocals tell it like it is, and the result is a song that’s undeniably fun to listen to. Good morning Britain, we’re fucked.

Listen to “Good Morning Britain” below, and connect with Sapphire Blues on Facebook and Instagram.

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