Satyr Play aim for the hips with new single | “Bang Average”

Satyr Play return with new single “Bang Average”. This Indie Pop act from Manchester has been slowly settling in to the world of music but may have just made their biggest mark yet with this new tune.

Speaking of the single: “Bang Average is the story of a boy, who falls madly in love with someone off limits and as a result doesn’t know what to do with himself. The song touches on how we begin to question ourselves because of the opinions of another. Bang Average is an anthem for the hopeless romantic and the inexperienced youth.” 

With it’s catchy guitar riffs soon descended into a frantic downward spiral of noise, the song certainly illustrates the rush and confusion of emotions that comes with falling in love. The lyricism does a great job at constantly questioning itself, and yeah, it’s an accurate description of what it’s like to be on Tinder for the first time. It’s chorus blooms with thunderous guitars against heavily disco-y drums and the result is a song that’s certainly anything but bang average.

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