Over the last couple years, I’ve connected with a lot of PR companies and people. These connections could be at different points – for instance, some might just be a simple hello and goodbye, others might be becoming buds on Facebook and A CERTAIN FEW might even get to experience a little bit of sauce with their friendship. Jasper PR is one of those saucy connections, and I am so stoked to have had a chinwag with Crysta of Jasper PR!

Crysta’s been proper cool with throwing praise and also extending various opportunities at me, and does a great job at doing PR, radio, blogging and pretty much everything else ever. Not only am I jealous of her, but I’m very pleased to have somehow collided connections with her and Jasper PR. So enjoy the chinwag! Support Jasper PR in every which way you can and big them up as they’re SO GOOD.

Hey Jasper PR, how’s it going? Hey Adam my favorite social butterfly. All is good in this hood.

Firstly, what got you into PR and how did you pick the name Jasper PR? This Jasper gig was a happy accident. I was helping out my now business partner, Neil, with some promo for the band he was managing at the time. We were going to send out the new EP and I suggested we partner up and create a company  I already had marketing & sales experience from 20 years of music retail and Neil has the band management behind him so it  seemed like the perfect pair-up. The origin behind naming Jasper is a secret only I know – I have never told a soul, not even my own.

What’s your favourite sauce? Hand’s down I am a hot sauce gal. The hotter the better.

Who was the first band to be supported by yourselves and how cool was that feeling? Our first promo launch was Peur ‘Future Architects’ EP. It’s hard to describe all of the emotions that go into promotions. Sending out the first one definitely made me proud and I have formed some truly meaningful relationships with people, from this first release., that will last a lifetime 

What’s the worst part of doing PR? As someone who only receives submissions, what’s it like to send submissions? Being on the sending end is much better than the receiving end. I can only imagine how many submissions you and others get and how overwhelming this can be. I see a lot of people fold from the pressure of trying to get it all done. The amount of music out there is immense and everyone is fighting for exposure. This also includes competing with major label releases. Thankfully, there are many outlets that support indie releases and we try as much as possible to also support them back. I always feel anxious when I hit the ‘send’ button and hope those on the other end will love this band/release as much as we do.

Are their artists you’ve supported who now maintain heavy rotation in your library? Absolutely. Not sure if you have checked out the last Peur release, Explorer, it’s a monster of emotion and one of my 2018 pics. All of the bands we have worked with have had strong releases. The best part of this gig is watching the bands grow; musically and personally.  We have front row seats to some of the newest and biggest talents making their way up the music scale (see what we did there) and it’s pretty amazing & remarkable. 

You’ve recently joined the blogging train. How are you finding it? I love writing and discussions. I especially like that we can use the blog platform to also promote some of our favorite people, like yourself and Sounds Good. Who should we bug next for a Saucy Talk?

What’s next for Jasper PR and your radio shows, blog etc  My favorite part of this Jasper gig is how much we have grown. The Saucy Singles playlist is definitely a hit , the blog is starting to move, and we just announced working with Amplified Open Air Music Festival for 2019. We are always on the look-out for unique opportunities – sometimes we don’t know until we get there.

Who are you listening to these days? Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Pool Kids – Music to Practice Safe Sex to

Peur – Explorer

Lucy Dacus – Historian

…and I’m a bit of a house music nut – a little unknown fact for ya.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? Be kind. You and I have spoken about this a few times. If everyone made an effort to consider others and their feelings we would have a much stronger & supportive music community. 


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