Seagoth – ‘Dreamworld’ / New Single

There’s a certain magic to Seagoth’s musical modus operandi. Born out of bedroom pop, Seagoth is the solo project of 19 year old Georgia Ochoa, whose debut album was recorded and produced using only an iPhone and a cheap Stratocaster. 

On ‘Dreamworld’, Seagoth has begun to redefine her sound. Drawing inspiration from bands such as MGMT and Beach House, Seagoth crafts a lush dream pop ballad enriched with shimmering synth and hypnotic melody.

Seagoth cleverly weaves her storytelling through her production, as well as her lyrics. The chorus of “wake me up, something keeps waking me up / But I keep coming back here in my dreams” is paired with repetitive e-piano to mimic an alarm sound, representing the dreamlike state between wake and sleep. A feeling that is often so surreal is reflected here in her inventive composition.

I have a soft spot for tracks like these; easy to get lost in, faintly nostalgic, and a perfect blend of the familiar and the experimental.

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