Seagoth / New EP – Internet Cafe

Internet Cafe is the new EP from Seagoth. It follows last year’s House Party for Ghosts which saw Seagoth burst onto the scene with a pleasant mix of dream pop and indie, and is the fruits of the laborious task of feeling sorry for one’s self. Georgia has gone about it in a productive way, whereas I would order a lot of fast food and eat myself to sleep.

The two singles released prior to the EP showcase the strong contrast between sound and lyrics, providing a light-hearted, dance-focus vibe that bares a strong 80’s throwback. The title track’s straight-forward instrumental boasts luscious synths that float through the motions, colliding nicely against the snap of the drums while Georgia’s details the impact of social media on modern life. “Ballad for the End of the World” offers a dreamy, downbeat account of existential fear and details an honest account of our impending doom. Its spacious chorus and syncopated drums provides a nice bubble for us to sink into, knowing full well that we might not be able to sleep tonight after experiencing our own existential crisis. As Georgia puts it – “We all know the world is ending and I’m just singing about it.”

“Tricky Feeling” delivers more of this sound, flooding the airwaves with synths that seem to endlessly roll into the atmosphere. Drawn out, reverb-full chords ring out into the air as well, seemingly fluid as the drums provide the real stability of the track. This falls nicely into “Somewhere Between the Stars and Falling Apart” which offers another set of dreary, well-crafted lyricism and celestial sounds.

I really, really like Internet Cafe. In spite of its modest creation it’s an EP that goes far beyond the bedroom; tackling the world with its end of the world topics and soaring instrumentation. It has all of the tools to become a sugar sweet Pop record, but opts to project its anxieties and feelings instead, which I’m more thankful for. We’re all going through life feeling everything beyond our bubble is fine but the reality is it’s already burst, and we just haven’t noticed yet.

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