Sharkmuffin’s slitheringly good new single | “Serpentina”

March is the month of Sharkmuffin. The Brooklyn trio’s upcoming Gamma Gardening EP will be dropping on the 28th and are looking to leak some gamma rays early. They’re doing so with new single “Serpentina”, an absolutely chaotic dose of noises determined to slither into the mind.

With a coastline strolling bassline, stone skipping drums and guitars that run headfirst into the waves, “Serpentina” is a track with a frenetic attitude that does not want to have a nice day at the beach. It wallops the mind with repeated collisions of sound, knocking the listener off pace. It’s ominous verses make way for a direct attack of guitars in the chorus, flooding the airwaves with noise and a screaming wail of Serrrrpentiiiinnaaaaaaa to drive home how much fun it is to scream along to.

 “Serpentina” is a glorious display of instruments battling to make a sound that’s on the brink of collapse, backed up with an attitude that’s forward thinking and simply badass to listen to. Colour us luminous green, glowing with early Gamma Gardening vibes.

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