Dya ever feel like Dance music is a little lame? A little all substance no depth? A tall glass of orange juice with no pulp? Yeah, same. Sometimes it’s good to experience something that gets you moving but a little angry too. Like you’re dancing on the dancefloor yet you’re just absolutely seething with a dance-infused rage. London three-piece Shopping are here with their new album The Official Body, and it’s everything you could need to fulfil all of your rage-induced needs.

These guys produce a kind of Dance-Punk that could turn any protest into a flash mob, and from the get go they’ve got the tunes to make that a certain possibility. Opening track ‘The Hype’ introduces the eardrums to a bass-lead instrumental that cuts through the disco drums and the sketchy guitars to give Shopping a sound that’s bold and definitely ready to make you jive.

‘Wild Child’ follows with an equally powerful bassline that struts it’s way through the mix and Shopping do a great job at pairing it with group harmonies and simple drums to really make it revel in it’s natural rhythm. I’ve really become enamoured with this sound. It’s frantic and rough around the edges which coincides with the heavy lyric topics, yet delivers a thoroughly energetic groove that I cannot help but adore. It makes me cut shapes that could warrant making me the inspiration behind ‘My Dads A Dancer’.

The Official Body is a superb album from Shopping. From start to finish this record delivers with a series of tracks that fit their agenda while retaining this high-energy formula. The lyrical themes still hit hard yet don’t bog down the instrumentals, and the instrumentals don’t detract away from the messages that Shopping deliver. It’s brilliant.


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