Silkrats return with the storming | “Power Struggle”

Silkrats helped kick off the Good Sounds Playlist of 2019 with their debut single “Partners In Crime”, bringing in the new year with their blend of gritty, heavy sounds and dominant harmonies. The Nottingham four piece return with new single “Power Struggle”, a track that not only beefs up their modest discography but injects some needed energy into it too.

The tempo is the first thing to note as the band delivers a riff that tears through the airwaves at a much more frantic pace to its predecessor. This is accompanied by furious collisions of drums that seem to bash into the skull and let the brain rattle loose, and the vocals also seem to be sung with a gusto that’s full of passion. “Power Struggle” seems to detail the battle for the spotlight as the instruments do their best to fight their case, particularly in the middle section. A glorious guitar solo rips through the layers as the drums seemingly come loose with a thunderous display of rolling beats which leads to this finale that sounds massive and very satisfying to listen to.

“Power Struggle” is a superb single from Silkrats. This emerging act has followed up their solid debut with a tune that shows fire and a urge to shake things up a little, and it’s all the better for it.

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