Sister Wanzala are a trio from London and this is their new single “I Went Whaling In My Gap Year”. It’s also a bit of a comeback for the band, and while we don’t condone Whaling as a way to spend your time, any time a submission email contains the following quotes, you absolutely must extend that olive branch. Again, these are genuine quotes from their submission email, which obviously we had to agree with. Gotta build them instant connections:

“After the failure of debut EP, Bodies on the Loose…”

“Bless ’em for trying…

Leaving the behind the cold funk sound that served them so poorly on their previous releases, the band now sound like a subpar Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds tribute act”

I mean, who hurt you? Moby Dick?

Kicking off with an intro that sinks into the hips, you’re almost distracted enough to miss the initial admission of “I Went Whaling In My Gap Year” sang by the drawling qualities of the vocals. The slight contribution of the guitar eventually builds into a section that puts a mean twist on this understated groove machine, possibly untying the knots a little to allow a touch of strange to seep inside. The chorus is a spiralling pit of despair full of Cure-esque guitars and harmonies that seem off-kilter beyond belief. Sister Wanzala have certainly caught our attention with this sterling revamp, and long shall their self-deprecation continue. Bless ‘em for trying.

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