Skauss familiarises with the world on debut album | Whoami

Anonymity often inspires intrigue, and from the shadows emerges the golden mask of Skauss. Having burst onto the scene nearly a decade ago initially, Skauss fell away from the spotlight to focus solely on building a vast catalogue of music. Whoami is the first taste of this concentrated effort, and as well as keeping things vague, it builds a bridge with an artist who believes the better question is who are you? We weren’t prepared for an existential crisis today.

Layers upon layers of synthesised sound kick off the record as the title track floods the airwaves with an old school House vibe that immediately sinks into the mind. Skauss’ vague vocals drop lyrics of never wanting to hurt which adds a touch of unnerve to the track, especially against the cold execution of the instrumental. The male/female dynamic provides further flesh to an already stacked sound, and sets Whoami off in a big way.

Years of collating music allows a range of directions to be explored, and Skauss provides an insight of this throughout Whoami. “Lie” sets aside the synthesisers in place of an ominous guitar straight out of Tool’s shed, further developing the overall uneasy undertones of the record before returning to the dancefloor-filling sounds of “Forever Young”. “Alive” features a bassline that cannot be ignored, and don’t even get us started on the breathy thunderdome of “Sad Disco”. OHHH MAN, what a tune.

Whoami is a fantastic album from Skauss. Coming through the darkness, Skauss has delivered a set of songs that sound wonderfully modern and absolutely ready to blow your mind. There’s an ever-present vibe to get down throughout, while also providing a slice of unknowing that makes it all the more exciting. Nice one.

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