Sleep Radio – ‘Hate is an Attractive Force’ | Song of the Week

The internet is a wonderful thing. Regardless of the websites you visit and the rabbit holes you fall down (I end up binge-watching spot popping videos at 3am quite regularly), you will almost always end up witnessing something going viral. Whether it’s the Irish family with the bat in their house, the doggo with a butterfly on it’s snoot, or the school lad who reviewed chicken a lot you will have seen these at some point, and that’s really quite…an odd way to illustrate why the Internet is so great.

Sleep Radio experienced a similar thing with their new single ‘Hate is an Attractive Force’. A day after uploading the track on Youtube it immediately became viral on Reddit thanks to it’s pairing with old school black and white cartoons. They now have a hit and it’s very much deserved. Electronic drums pair up with guitars that seem a little unstable, yet perform a main riff that’s oddly smooth in it’s execution. Dreary vocals seemingly drawl through the airwaves alongside the instrumental, and the result is something that’s refreshingly original. There’s an element of implosion about this track that’s comforting in a way, and yet it succeeds in being very catchy indeed.

‘Hate is an Attractive Force’ is a superb song from Sleep Radio and much like the comments on the Youtube video, I hope these guys end up releasing new material this year. Now, back to watching people get their spots popped.

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