Slow Dress – ‘Everyday Affair’ / New Single

Slow Dress return with their new single ‘Everyday Affair’. Having introduced themselves earlier in the year with ‘Stew’, the Boston duo have built a reputation for creating music that’s as accessible as it is unnerving. Now on their third single, they discuss the existential dread that comes with thinking about the world and its modern operations. As a huge fan of George Orwell’s 1984, this is right up my street.

Written about the theory that we’re being slowly conditioned into becoming the same individual, ‘Everyday Affair’ is a song that provides as much food for thought as it is does straight up good riffage. Raging guitars bring frequent outbursts throughout, delivering bold doses of noise to keep the mind awake. The vocals also come in with an equally compelling performance, detailing lyrics of a world led by corruption, with the notion of controlling its inhabitants with technology. It really paints a vivid picture of this Orwellian landscape while also contributing harmonies to boost its accessibility too.

‘Everyday Affair’ is a great song that lives up to the reputation of Slow Dress – accessible with its gritty guitars and melancholic melodies, unnerving with lyrics that are sure to get you questioning things. It certainly gets you thinking, and I think I’d like more.

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