Smoky Knights are a quartet from LA and this is their new single ‘Feels Right’. The band have been around since 2013 and look to have found their sound, and it also seems to be going over very well. Their last single ‘Sooner or Later’ has featured on numerous Spotify playlists, and I’m sure ‘Feels Right’ will garner much of the same results too.

With Disco-flavoured drums and a walking bassline, ‘Feels Right’ kicks off with one of the most immediate intros in recent times. The slightly breathy, falsetto vocals slips right into place, and suddenly I’m hooked. This is a straight up groove machine of a listen, and one that’s tinged with psychedelic goodness throughout, as guitars add subtle layers of melody in the background while the rhythm section leads the way to the dancefloor.

Once you’re at the dancefloor, the guitars take centre stage and lay down an instrumental that’s absolutely glorious to hear. The way they rip through the airwaves with thunderous beauty is astounding, and makes ‘Feels Right’ one of the best singles I’ve heard this year by far. What a jam.


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