Outliers is the new EP from Some Villains. The four piece from Somerset produce a kind of music that fans of Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins and the like should enjoy and has even been described as ‘perpetual motion’ which I really wish I said first.

‘Master Sun’ kicks off Outliers with a bold set of drums and guitar riffs that certainly confirm the perpetual motion the band seems to generate. There’s a level of grittiness behind the sound that I love, and the way the band pack it full of little licks amongst the layers really helps beef up the instrumental to give it a real sense of tension too. The chorus rips hard as it explodes out of the gate, and it’s just a great way to kick off the EP.

‘Burn Me Down’ keeps the tempo going with a frantic instrumental storming through the speakers with thunderous drums and even more ear-shredding guitars. The inner QOTSA fan in me is proper enjoying this, especially as Some Villains also partake in longer songs such as ‘The Skin’ which adds a bit of depth to Outliers too.

Closing track ‘Ghosts in the Field’ rounds out the EP with a storming performance filled with little licks of funk amongst the murky atmosphere that surrounds the airwaves. There’s hints of Muse to it and it just sounds dead good. Outliers is a fantastic EP from Some Villains and is definitely one that you should check out RIGHT. NOW.


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