Soot Sprite’s new single “Vs. Self”

Soot Sprite are a trio of bedroom/shoegaze makers and with their new EP – Sharp Tongueout on 11th October (via Specialist Subject Records), the Exeter-based band are looking to ramp up anticipation with the release of new single “Vs. Self”. Boy, does it get us excited.

“When going through times of heightened anxiety, it’s sometimes difficult to recognise that you’re your own worst enemy.” Says songwriter Elise Cook “I wrote this through feelings of urgency to write and constantly work on music in one way or another whilst comparing myself to my peers and what felt like the impossibly fast world moving around me.”. This level of self-battle is illustrated beautifully as what begins as a hazy, atmospheric listen is disrupted by a thunderous wave of noise. Comprised of distorted guitar riffs and thunderous drums, this abrupt change of pace details the unexpected trait of anxiety, and perfectly shows how much it can mess with an individual’s life.

The repeated mantras of “slow it all down” throughout the song are another key element of why it works so well. As much as the vocals try to convince us that everything’s fine, the arrival of that furious closing section knocks everything upside down. Soot Sprite have created something that reflects a personal struggle, but a struggle that everybody has experienced. “Vs. Self” is beautiful, wonderful and chaotic in all the right places.

Listen to “Vs. Self” below, and connect with Soot Sprite via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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