Sounds Good PR


From day 1, Sounds Good has always been about the above five words. Five words that were remembered in good days, bad days and days that made us forget why we ever decided to become a music blogger in the first place. Ultimately, there’s too much availability for negative reviews and bad press, so we wanted to create something that only had room for good music and good vibes, always.

Supporting artists has always been the number one priority, and Sounds Good has been able to do that for some of the most talented artists over the last three years. Providing a platform and opportunities for artists who you may not have heard before to become your new favourite.  That’s why we’d like to extend that support a little bit further by launching Sounds Good PR.

Sounds Good PR has been launched with artists in mind. Artists who might not have the finance or backing of a record label/management to continue progressing their career. So whether you’d like to have us fangirl over your new single and give it the best campaign we possibly can, or even you’d like to hear some recommendations for blogs/magazines, we can do that for you. 

If you’re interested and would like to know more, send over an email to myself (Adam) at and we’ll get talking. Such things like time and budget can be worked around easily. I’m happy to do whatever sounds good to you.


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