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Since 2016, Sounds Good has celebrated the music of artists from all over the world. Regardless of their popularity, fan base or reputation, if an artist had a new release that sounded good, we wrote about it. Ultimately, Sounds Good was made with the following in mind: good music, good vibes, always.

After three years of writing about music, August 2019 saw Sounds Good jump into the world of PR. Sounds Good PR has been launched with a focus on further supporting artists and record labels, striving to provide a bigger platform for which to celebrate their music even more.

As a one man operation, this allows communication and potential campaigns to be designed with flexibility and creativity in mind. Whether you wish to promote a new single, or your roster’s new releases, this can be discussed easily without having to adhere to a particular template or specific guideline. Budget wise, we can work something out that fits within both our means.

If you’re interested in hearing more, or are interested in discussing potential relationships with one another, please fill out the below contact form. Alternatively, if you would like to talk to me (Adam, hiya) directly, please send an email to Let’s celebrate noise, together.

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