Spooled Up are a bunch of fuzzy fuzzintons from Baltimore and this is their new single “Landmine”. With their debut EP Strange World set for release in June, what better way to acquaint yourself with the band than with a freakin’ LANDMINE? No better way, of course.

Taking influences from 90s Grunge staples in Dinosaur Jr., Breeders and Guided By Voices, Spooled Up throw all sorts of furious guitar work into “Landmine”. Filled to the brim with distorted riffs and melodies throughout, “Landmine” is a track that explodes from the get go and does not care about leaving all your limbs strewn about the battlefield. It’s dirty, gritty and a right little beast to listen to. We cannot WAIT to hear Strange World, as we’ve got a new favourite band right here.

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