Springfield Elementary’s new single “Five Second Rule”

Springfield Elementary are a four piece from Manchester and back in July they made their debut with the storming “Machine Fiend”. Having tackled and thrown middle fingers to social media, the guys now revert their attention to the fleeting nature of life itself, taking the term “Five Second Rule” as one to describe the collective race to our eventual demise.

While “Machine Fiend” got into our faces immediately, “Five Second Rule” opts for a more considered approached. A collected instrumental eases its way into the ears, dabbling in the odd melody along the way, taking its time to come to its end. It’s an interesting change of pace for Springfield Elementary, one that opens another route for the band to head towards for future material. The new track still retains the chaotic elements of their sound, but slicks back its hair, pops on a leather jacket, and tells you to fuck off. It’s awesome.

Listen to “Five Second Rule” below and connect with Springfield Elementary on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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