Square Wave / New Single – “Luvy Duvy”

Square Wave is a band from Southend and “Luvy Duvy” is their new single. One thing I wanted to increase this year was the number of features of bands from my local ends of Essex. Thanks to the internet, we have access to a lot of music from all over the world, but there’s not enough love shown towards the Essex music scene. Here’s me doing my bit, Square Wave have done theirs by delivering something PROPER GOOD.

Fans of The Stone Roses and Foo Fighters would probably enjoy the heavily layered sounds of “Luvy Duvy”. Led primarily by guitars, the song emits hazy waves of noise and melodies that soar into the atmosphere. A snappy drum beat adds texture to the mix, and the vocals seemingly drawl through the smoke with ease. This is a song that slips into the mind with minimal effort, and Square Wave do a solid job at maintaining its carefree attitude while ensuring there’s a ton of hooks and harmonies too.

Listen to “Luvy Duvy” below and check out Square Wave on Facebook and Instagram.

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