St. Buryan burst into our lives with their debut single ‘Forget To Love‘ back in December last year. It was a song that I enjoyed very much and was excited to hear more from this promising band soon. WELL, soon turned out to be a little longer than expected BUT the band are back! New single ‘Shout’ has just been released and it is a corker, so I’m well excited to have an interview with the band to talk about it and all sorts of other bits too! Enjoy.

Hey St. Buryan, how’s it going? Hey! It’s going really well, thank you! Especially considering we’re meant to be on a hiatus! We’ve been getting so much support from everyone recently, including yourself, it’s been amazing.

First of all, what’s the story behind how you guys got together to form St. Buryan? When we first started out, we’d been in different bands with friends from school. We decided to have a bash at making music ourselves, and it all went from there!

Ben and Dan have been friends since primary school, and it’s the same with Rhys and Callum, so at the very least, we knew we’d have fun making music together, even if it didn’t lead anywhere. Nathan joined the band a little while later after meeting Ben in college, and brought some actual musical talent to the band with him, which was nice!

How’s it been going since we last got together for the release of your previous single ‘Forget to Love’? The hype that was around ‘Forget to Love’ was incredible, we all personally love the song, but to find out that other people enjoyed it too was fantastic!

We played a few gigs when we could, including a hometown headliner at the start of January before Dan moved over to Milan. We were prepared to take a short hiatus and focus on our university work while he was away…But then we received offers for three festivals over the summer, and that was something that we didn’t expect to happen, and couldn’t turn down! We’re so excited to make the most of the chances we’ve been given.

Dan is even flying back from Milan just to play the Hit The North this weekend, he’ll be in the country for less than 36 hours, it’s going to be manic! We’re in love with the buzz around the North East music scene at the moment.

You’ve very recently released a new single in the form of ‘Shout’. What can you tell us about it? ‘Shout’ is one of our older tracks, which we had never got around to recording, but one that was always a fan favourite when we played it live. A lot of help for this song came from our friend Steve, who so kindly stands in for Dan when he can’t make it to gigs. He initially came up with the bass riff at the start of the song.

It’s a little less upbeat than previous releases, which we hope hasn’t disappointed anyone!

This is your first dose of new music for 2018. Can we expect to hear more released this year? Absolutely! We’ll have something else quite special to us out very, very soon.

With Dan back in July, we want to keep the ball rolling and ride this hype for as long as we can. We’re heading down south in August to getting some more recording done, and we’re all very excited for that. Hopefully, we’ll get a few more tunes recorded and, as we have quite a while set aside there, really work on perfecting our sound so we can sound as good as we can for everyone supporting us at the minute.

What have been your favourite records of the year so far? One of our guitarists, Nathan, plays in another band called Peace Frog. They’re based in Leeds and they brought out their debut EP at the start of the year. We’d highly recommend giving it a listen.

On a slightly bigger scale, we’re really enjoying the new stuff from Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy and Justin Timberlake.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? First of all, we’d all like to thank you for the interview, Adam! It’s been a pleasure. We love what Sounds Good is doing, and we really appreciate your support.

Elsewhere, we’ll just have to say that we hope you have enjoyed everything we have released so far and that you will continue to enjoy our music in the future.

We absolutely love doing what we do, and are just happy other people seem to like it too. As we mentioned earlier, we’ve got some more news/releases coming to fruition very soon, so feel free to keep an eye out for what’s to come next!


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