St. Buryan have been a constant in the life of Sounds Good, and that’s really nice. Like a noisy guardian angel. Fresh off the release of ‘Tell Me’ comes ‘How Could I Know?’ a new single that looks to fill your ears with loud, yummy music and keep the momentum train rolling. All aboard!

The topic of love and breakups is an essential worker in the world of music, but St. Buryan offer up an interesting twist on it on this new tune. Written in the perspective of the heartbreaker rather than the heartbroken, ‘How Could I Know?’ offers a different set of emotions that comes with the tough, calculated decision to end a relationship. As to be expected, the lyricism is volatile and is backed up by an equally explosive instrumental. Thunderous guitar riffs, massive drums and…hooks that play a nice distraction to the heavy burden that’s carried.

‘How Could I Know?’ is another great tune from the St. Buryan boys. It features everything you’d expect from one of their songs, but brings a fresh take to their sound that makes this arguably their catchiest song yet. Good stuff.

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