After a little bit of time away from the airwaves, St. Buryan are back with a storming new single “Giving In”, in which we’re dead excited to be premiering it’s music video for you today. On a Sunday of all days. Forget the roast dinner, forget Homes Under The Hammer, PAY ATTENTION TO THIS. Suck it, Dion Dublin.

We last heard from the North East quintet back in May and am so happy to welcome them back into our hearts again. Fellow sweetheart Peanut Mixtape described them as “one of Tyneside’s best kept secrets” and well, we really love being part of that club.

“Giving In” is an absolute anthem of a listen. It’s harmony hook immediately invites all to join in as the guitars sink into the hips. A feel good vibe is thrown into the airwaves from the get go, as the band flit between frantic collisions of sound and softer moments of melodic beauty. It’s gutsy, thunderous and sombre all in the right moments, and it all makes for a strong return to the ears from St. Buryan.

Check out the video to “Giving In” below and rate the band’s individual performances. We in particular like the drummer the most. Hnnng.


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