‘Limón’ is the tantalising new single from Leeds-based producer and composer Holly Readman (they/them), aka Straight Girl. Demonstrating an efficacy for punchy electropunk, Straight Girl has made a song that sounds exactly like how biting into a lemon would feel: bitter and jarring.

Permeated by off-kilter beats and outlandish electronic melodies, ‘Limón’ features haunting lyrics which explore shame and self-acceptance, delivered through distorted yet expressive vocals. Written at a point where Holly felt like a “grotesque, sour monster” was hiding within them, this track represents the catharsis of expression through art. 

What I love about ‘Limón’ is how aggressively anti-pop it is. Much like Straight Girl’s predecessor tracks, it makes you question everything you thought you knew about genre. It’s progressive and different, but it’s still an absolute belter.

Straight Girl is a self-described ‘connoisseur of sad-dance’ which undoubtedly comes through on this song. An artistic explosion of negative emotion, ‘Limón’ rattles the grave rave, art-pop, EDM world. It will have you dancing and crying, probably at the same time.

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