Sunflower Thieves are back with new single ‘Hide And Seek’. Considering how criminally small their discography is, it’s always a nice surprise when this duo drops new music. Each of the THREE (!) songs they’ve released so far are so memorable.

What makes their music so memorable is how vast it sounds. Their output is often greater than the sum of their parts, and this is no exception with ‘Hide And Seek’. A whole range of harmonies collide with acoustic chords to swirl through the airwaves, backed up with percussion that adds texture, but soon dissipates into the air. The vocals are arguably the duo’s greatest tool, and they really deliver here. Working either in tandem or on their own, the vocals really help bring some beautiful harmonies to the song.

Sunflower Thieves continue to make me wish they release more music. ‘Hide And Seek’ is a great song, and one that really showcases their ability to bring some interesting dynamics to the ears.

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