Superbird are back with new single ‘Operate’. The trio enjoyed a tremendous debut last year. From the release of ‘Cola Bottle Fizz’, they received all sorts of praise, landed TV spots and were even named Band of the Year by BBC Introducing. Pretty good going. It’s not hard to see why though, as their brand of lustrous funk-rock is undeniably catchy. Like a glorious Peacock spreading its wings – you absolutely want to run at it and be enveloped in its gloriousness.

As to be expected, new single ‘Operate’ sinks into the mind from first listen. This is mainly due to its rooted basslines that sink their way into the hips the second they hit the floor. They’re backed up by soft guitar chords and shimmering cymbals to set a light, sensual mood. It’s perfect for the vocals to sing heartfelt lyrics of desperately needing someone through the eyes of a patient on a hospital bed. Pretty spot on for this year – but the medical side of things doesn’t detract from the romance of it all. Perhaps that’s just the freak in me.

It is an infectious (pun intended) tune that absolutely gets you hooked on that sweet Superbird sound. I’m happy to have these boys back in my life once again. ‘Operate’ is great.

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