Fresh off the release of their debut album Sure Sure comes their new single ‘Idiot’. Personally, I love the word Idiot. It can be endearing, vengeful and maybe even a little bit comical but there’s nothing funny about this – seriously, this track is great. Sure Sure have been featured a couple times on Sounds Good and I’ve always loved their ability to make the sweetest, purest music around and ‘Idiot’ is no exception.

With an intro that quietly introduces the vocals and guitars into the fray, Sure Sure do a fantastic job of throwing all sorts of groove into the mix. One quick burst of energy suddenly brings a delightful lead lick into the ears, some catchy guitar riffs and snappy drums too. This kills the sadness, and everything’s going to be alright again.

Sure Sure have got themselves another hit right here, and I cannot stop listening to it. Don’t be an Idiot, listen to this.

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